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Helping businesses have closer connections with their customers and their communities.

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About Us

We are passionate about helping our customers use Salesforce to it’s fullest potential.  We bring our industry experience to the table and focus on solving business problems.   Our approach is to partner with our customers to support them in their journey. 

Our History

Founded in 2005, BengalOne began as a online retail business primarily selling products in volume on eBay.   In order to provide better customer service, they developed software for all eBay merchants to use called Seller Machine CRM.   This desktop software tracks the status of USPS packages and then automatically follow-up with customers after delivery in a way that is specific to the product they had purchased.

Building better relationships with customers has been a focus of BengalOne for more than 10 years.

Today, BengalOne continues to help business engage with customers by leveraging Salesforce.

Our Vision and Misson

We believe creating applications should take weeks, not months. We use robust platforms like to bring ideas to market faster than using .NET or Java approaches. If we can using something prebuilt we prefer to do that over coding from scratch. Our vision is to always be finding ways to solve problems faster.

Our mission is to strengthen the Builder Mindset within our community.   This is why we exist.   We work toward our missing by funding STEM programs in Southeastern Wisconsin and by creating and maintaining maker spaces in schools, libraries, and other common areas in which children have access.

We pledge 1% of our revenue, product, and people to support our mission.